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Our School

Sundrops Montessori, a Wildflower School in San Jose, CA for children 3-6 years old.

Sundrops Montessori School embraces the diversity of the Bay Area through equity, inclusion, and by connecting children to the world, themselves, and each other in a nurturing and healthy community with family engagement and authentic Montessori education.

Sundrops Montessori School curriculum for children ages three to six years old gives children the opportunity to build their self-confidence, focus, and self-identity through practical life, academic work and social and emotional experience

Wildflower schools sit in light-filled spaces on walkable streets. They increase the presence of children and families in the community, as more narrow geographic focus supports walking to and from school. We expand our definition of “stakeholders” beyond the families we serve directly, and we work to make our surrounding communities stronger and healthier for children.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Sundrops Montessori School does not discriminate, on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin, creed, religion, sex or gender, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, status with regard to public assistance, or in any other way based on personal identity markers that do not relate to the capacity of an individual person to carry out the responsibilities of a role.

Inviting the school community to learn about each other culture.

We have a beautiful environment that will spark the curiosity of any child.

Sundrops Montessori is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization
Helping each other in a practical life activity

The primary curriculum is designed with the understanding that children learn best through real-life activities that support independence, concrete experiences that engage the senses, and open-ended exploration.  This leads to the refinement of their movements, sensory perceptions, language and intellect development. Children thrive through opportunities to follow their own interests and freely choose their own scaffolded activities.  Through guided exploration they develop independence, concentration and curiosity.


3 to 6 years old - Primary Classroom

Montessori materials for the primary age are designed to support self-directed discovery and learning. They are organized around Practical Life activities that develop both independence and concentration; Sensorial activities that refine and develop the child’s senses; the development of Spoken Language, Writing and Reading skills; and Mathematical activities that develop fundamental mathematical concepts; and Cultural activities that include geography, history, biology, science, music, and the arts.

Montessori Materials

Practicing writing

School Program Hours

Monday – Friday
Half Day:      8:30 AM – 1:00 PM
School Day: 8:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Full Day:       8:30 AM – 4:30 PM

Extended Care

Extended Care available for children enrolled in the School Day program. Rate varies.

Daily Routine

8:30 am             Arrival

8:30-11:30 am   Morning Work Period

11:30a-12:15p      Lunch Time/Clean Up

12:15-1:00 pm    Outdoor Play

1:00 pm             Mid-day Pick up

                            Half Day Program Ends

1:00-3:00 pm   Rest Time/Afternoon Work Period

3:00 pm            Afternoon Pick up

                            School Day Program Ends

3:00-4:30 pm  Enrichment Activities/Outdoor Play

4:30 pm            Full Day Program Ends

                            School Closes


Yearly Calendar


August 28

First day of school for new students only

Sep. 4 

First day of school for returning students

June 13

Last day of school

Our school year runs from end of August to mid June with the following school closures



Sept. 2 and 3 

Labor Day Observed

October 14

Indigenous Peoples Day

October 25

Professional Development/Wellness Day*

October 31

1pm dismissal/Halloween

Nov. 11

Veterans Day Observed

Nov. 27-29

Harvest Break

Dec. 19-Jan. 2

Holiday Break

January 3 

Professional Development/Wellness Day*

January 20

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Observed

Feb. 17-21

Winter Break

March 7 

Professional Development/Wellness Day*

April 14-18

Spring Break

May 23 and 26

Memorial Day Observed

*Dates subject to change (notifications will be sent in advance to plan accordingly)

Yearly Calendar

Parent Involvement

Research shows that parent involvement has a greater effect on the child’s education than the economic class of the family and the parent’s education.
For this reason, we are requiring that parents and/or family members donate 15 hours per school year of Family Volunteer Time.

Lunch & Snacks

We provide a healthy morning and afternoon snack. Parents or caregivers are responsible for sending in a healthy lunch with their children.

wildflower worm
Montessori quote

Our Teacher Leaders

Helen Boluna. Co-Founder and Teacher Leader

Helen Boluna

Founding Teacher Leader and Primary Guide

Helen Boluna is a Montessori-trained teacher of 15 years. As an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) certified for ages 3-6, her experiences include being an Assistant Director and a Lead Teacher both inside and outside the classroom environments. Helen has a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and a minor in Child Development from San Jose State University. She is pursuing her Master’s in Montessori Education at St. Catherine University. Helen speaks English, Tagalog, and Fujian. She enjoys puzzles, word puzzles, machine sewing, and strums her guitar or tinkers with the piano when the mood strikes.

Encarna Buendia. Co-Founder and Teacher Leader

Encarna Buendia

Founding Teacher Leader and Primary Guide

Encarna Buendia is a Pan American Montessori Society certified teacher for ages 2 1/2-6. Encarna was born in Spain and raised in Barcelona. She is fluent in English, Spanish and Catalan with a Master’s Degree in Architecture. She creates spaces where children develop their natural love for learning through exploration in both the classroom and outdoor environment. Encarna is always developing new ways to bring children into nature; they become engaged and learn that we are all connected and that different cultures are the richness of the world we live in. She enjoys rowing, hiking, cultural immersions and gatherings around the table.

The child who has felt a strong love for his surroundings and for all living creatures, who has discovered joy and enthusiasm in work, gives us reason to hope that humanity can develop in a new direction.


- Dr. Maria Montessori

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